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Produced by the Esperus Art Fund

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For his debut Album, the Georgian pianist Misho Kandashvili chose to take us on a journey to two countries having a great and long tradition of piano school, piano technique and music dedicated to this star instrument.


This album features Georgian and Russian composers from the 20th century, and encompasses modern, post-modern and contemporary works.


Some of Georgia's most important composers are chosen for this selection. Andria Balanchivadze among others, in whose music we find folk elements and classical-modern forms skillfully combined, as well as a complex and unique piano language. The interpretation on this recording of his "romantic pieces" cycle, vividly depicts all the beauty and diversity of these works. As far as Georgia is concerned, we will hear also on this album the composers Kancheli, Taktakishvili, Davitashvili, Azarashvili. As many colors, inspirations and atmospheres, as respect for the great Georgian musical tradition, served wonderfully by their compatriot pianist Misho Kandashvili.


The journey continues among the Russians, with three pieces by Alfred Schnittke, echoing in their forms the Georgian works. Then, two monuments of the repertoire for solo piano, Alexander Mosolov's Sonata No. 4 and Sergeï Prokofiev's Sonata No. 3. In Mosolov's sonata, the young pianist shows all his talent for understanding the avant-garde language and the urban-constructive atmosphere of this music, at the same time harsh and seductive. Finally, Prokoviev's Sonata No. 3, a peak of virtuosity with a complex structure, which is brilliantly rendered in this fascinating interpretation.


A young artist renowned for his brilliant technique, his breathtaking virtuosity but also for the poetry of his musical language and the intellectual approach of the scores he performs, Misho Kandashvili manages to put his talents to work with the program of this disc and thrills by the diversity of styles, emotions, techniques and horizons.




«Misho Kandashvili Plays»

CTH2677 Thorofon/Bella Musica

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