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Bank transfer:

Recipient: Esperus Art Fund

IBAN: FR76 3000 4003 2200 0101 0256 141


Object: Donation



Postal Address:

Esperus Art Fund

29 rue de la Prévôté

33000 Bordeaux


Examples of our use of donations -
For what our artists need your help

- *One year study: 2000€

- *One year of student health insurance: 700€

(* The pursuit of studies and obtaining health insurance are the basic   requirements for foreign artists to get a visa/staying permit)

- One time piano tuning: 140€ (on average, needed 2x year)

- Buy one set of violin strings: 75€ (on average, needed 3x year)

- Change bow hair: 85€ (on average, needed 2-3x year)

- Renting a piano: minimum 40€/month

- Practicing rooms: minimum 2€/hour


- Minimum costs of renting a concert hall: 800€

- Minimum costs for going to competition: 750€

   In case of a string player needing to take his pianist: minimum 1200€

- Average costs of a demo DVD: 250€

- Average costs of a CD recording: 4000€